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Global Science Management (GSM) crowdsources solutions to seekers’ challenges in the area of science management and innovation.  Seekers are companies as well as academic and government institutions.  

Solvers’ solutions provide novel ideas and drafts of conceptual steps which address the following problems:

  • Finding new product lines or possible acquisitions
  • Organizational development
  • Developing collaborations between industry and academia
  • Developing research, teaching and business strategies
  • Finance and accounting
  • Human resource management
  • Market research
  • Marketing and fundraising
  • Communication and employer branding


Our global community of solvers includes scientists, engineers, economists, marketers, financial experts, managers, educators, administrators and consultants. Our services are cost-effective and risk-free. Solutions comprise of 1-2 pages describing the idea and conceptual steps for solving the seeker’s problem as well as a short abstract consisting of about 80 words. Absolutely no fee is due if the seeker is not satisfied with the abstracts of solvers’ solutions.

GSM also provides a platform for academic, corporate and government institutions to post job opportunities in the area of innovation and science management.

Our Products and Services

Open Innovation Challenges

Innovation seekers request solvers’ solutions in exchange for a financial reward. The GSM fee for this service is 1500 USD plus 6% of the award amount (to cover the cost of PayPal money transfer). The award amount (1500 – 5000 USD) and the administrative fee are due only if the seeker is satisfied with the abstracts of the submitted solutions. GSM may also provide the winning solver(s)’ contact information to the seeker for an additional fee of 1500 USD.

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Job Market

Industry, academic or government institutions post job ads in the area of science management. GSM charges a fee of 100 USD per posting.

Post a Job

All solutions are submitted on a non-confidential basis.

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