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Guide to Writing an Open Innovation Challenge

Crowdsourcing Innovation

Crowdsourcing innovation is a cost-effective way to receive breakthrough ideas and solutions to important innovation and strategic challenges facing industry, government and academic institutions.

Global Science Management (GSM) is a crowdsourcing intermediary that allows seekers to receive innovative solutions to their problems in exchange for cash prizes, great jobs or collaborations.

Solvers’ solutions consist of a short abstract (about 80 words long) as well as 1-2 pages describing novel ideas and drafts of conceptual steps which address the following problems:

  • Organizational development
  • Developing collaborations between industry and academia
  • Developing research, teaching and business strategies
  • Finance and accounting
  • Human resource management
  • Market research
  • Marketing and fundraising
  • Communication and employer branding


Our solvers posses expertise in various areas such as science, engineering, management, business, economics, finance, marketing, teaching and human resources.

Science managers in general are facilitators of scientific work. They enable researchers to focus 100% on their fields. Science management supports both strategic planning and day to day business. It creates various values: reliable structures, issue orientation, and individual freedom. Furthermore, science managers are the liaisons between industry and academia.


GSM’s Open Innovation Challenges

Our open innovation challenges allow innovation seekers to receive innovative solutions to their problems.  Seekers request solvers’ solutions in exchange for a financial reward. The award amounts are usually 1500 to 5000 USD. The administrative fee for this service is 1500 USD plus 6% of the award amount (to cover the cost of PayPal money transfer). The award amount and the administrative fee are due only if the seeker is satisfied with the abstracts of the submitted solutions. For an additional fee of 1500 USD, GSM may also forward the winning solvers’ contact information.

Flexible Rewards

Innovation Seeker can indicate in the challenge description that in addition to the cash prize, the winner(s) may also be invited to an interview or to start a collaboration.


Describing the Challenge

The following points are used as a guide in our Innovation Crowdsourcing Order Form to help the Innovation Seeker define his/her challenge:

Revealing Clients’ Identity to Solvers

Our clients can choose whether or not they want to reveal their identity to solvers.  Revealing company’s identity might possibly alert competition to its activities.  Keeping the identity of the Innovation Seeker confidential can be done by describing only the specific problem that needs to be solved without identifying the industry or the general area of the problem.  We will not reveal the identity of the client if we are requested to do so.  In fact, we have created a platform on our website for Innovation Seekers and Solvers to communicate with each other (in order to clarify any possible questions) without revealing each others’ identity.  On the other hand, revealing the company’s identity to the solvers might be a great way of marketing the brand.

Assistance with Challenge Formulation

We offer free assistance with challenge formulation/editing.  If requested, our staff of PhD-educated experts is happy to assist our clients.  This service can be requested on our Innovation Crowdsourcing Order Form.

Submission Deadline

The submission deadlines are decided by the Innovation Seeker. The submission deadline is typically 1 month.

Challenge Description and Solution Requirements

The following points help to describe the challenge and define solution requirements:

  • Title
  • Background and challenge description
  • Solution requirements
  • Some possible approaches
  • Approaches not of interest
  • Points that should be addressed in the proposal
  • Project plan/time frame for implementing the solution
  • Selection criteria, ex. effectiveness of the solution in solving the problem, cost, ease of implementation etc.


The award amounts are usually 1500 to 5000 USD. There is no lower or upper limit on the award amount although in general higher awards will result in greater interest from solvers.


Non-Confidential Solutions

All solutions are submitted on a non-confidential basis.

Solvers and Innovation Seekers must agree to the Terms of Use which states that: “The Solver accepts that the client (Seeker) has created or may create material, ideas or concepts which is identical to the solution submitted by him or her. The Solver also agrees that the Seeker has the right to use such material, ideas and concepts and that the Solver will not be entitled to any compensation arising from the seeker’s use of such materials, ideas or concepts.”


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