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Innovator-Needed Challenges 

Recruit Employees or Find a Business Collaborator

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What are Innovator-Needed Challenges?

These challenges allow Innovation Seekers to find individuals/companies who can provide solutions to their business problems and to hire the Solvers or start collaborations with them.  Solvers can also attach their resume to their profile page.

Innovation Seekers request Solvers' solutions with the goal of finding the following:

  • Employees or interns

  • Consultants or freelancers

  • Business partners

  • Suppliers

Solutions are submitted on a non-confidential basis.

Intellectual Property

All proposals are submitted on a non-confidential basis.  By submitting a proposal, the Solver agrees that the Innovation Seeker has the right to use the submission and its contents in any way, without compensation, except to the extent that any such disclosure is protected by a valid patent, copyright or trademark.


After the submission deadline We Bridge Innovation (WEBI) forwards the solutions to the client and, if the client decides to contact one or more of the solvers, an administrative fee of $500 must be paid before WEBI will provide solvers' contact information. Selected solvers will be contacted by the Innovation Seeker for further discussions and in order to negotiate the terms of the contract.

These services are offered to the client risk-free!  That is, if the client has not received a satisfactory solution, then absolutely no fee is due.

Crowdsourcing Process

1. The client (Innovation Seeker) submit a challenge to WEBI

  • Innovation Seeker submits the Innovation Crowdsourcing Order Form in which he/she gives a detailed description of the challenge to be posted on our website. If requested by the Innovation Seeker, we will edit the challenge or assist with challenge formulation free of charge.

2. The challenge is posted on our site.

3. WEBI receives non-confidential solutions submitted by Solvers.

4. WEBI forwards the submissions to the Innovation Seeker.

5. The Innovation Seeker evaluates the submissions.

6. The Winners are Chosen and Contacted by the Innovation Seeker:

  • The Innovation Seeker notifies WEBI which (if any) of the solutions is accepted. If none of the submitted solutions are acceptable, then absolutely no fee is due.
  • If one or more solutions are accepted, a fee of $200 must be paid before WEBI will forward the contact information of the Solver(s) to the Innovation Seeker.
  • WEBI will forward the contact information of the winning solvers to the Innovation Seeker within 2 business days of receiving the payment.
  • All payments are made through PayPal. The Innovation Seeker can choose to pay using a PayPal account or with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit card. The award payments to solvers are made through PayPal money transfer.
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